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Counselling Services Rhyl Prestatyn North Wales


Type of Practice and Client Group

I have a private practice and see individuals, couples and young people during the day and evening but not at weekends. I am able to offer both short term therapy (6 sessions or less) which is about working with a clearly defined focus and longer term therapy that allows for a more indepth exploration of issues and provides an opportunity to increase personal awareness and growth within a therapeutic relationship.

Method of Referral
A person can access the service by referring themselves or by being referred through an agency such as the legal services, solicitors. family courts, social services, GP surgeries, insurance companies, or EAP organisations.

Therapeutic Approach
My therapeutic approach has evolved over the years as I have increased my theoretical knowledge and this has provided me with a more integrative approach to working with clients such as a humanistic, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural base. In simple terms it means for you to address your problem we find the best approach to enable you to have a good outcome. The aim is for you to raise your awareness of how you feel, think and act in order for you to have choices regarding your response to your issue.

My Experience of Problems Clients have presented with:

Dealing with depression
Experiencing low self esteem
Rebuilding their lives after trauma especially childhood experiences
Couples who experience conflict / betrayal
Anger management
Employment issues
Domestic abuse
Attachment difficulties
Challenging personality styles of relating
The impact of shame affecting their personality, identity and intimacy
Coping with vicarious trauma

Method of Evaluating my Standard of Practice
I use the nationally recognised Core system to measure the effectiveness of my practice which allows both the client and myself to independently assess the problem and evaluate the result. I am able to offer a copy of these results to the client as a record of what they have achieved in the sessions. I adhere to the accrediting bodies of the BACP and UKCP Code of Ethics for my professional practice and receive one and half hours supervision per month. I have access to medical and special consultancy when ever necessary.